The Pleasure of Seminars

If you're new to seminars, you'll find that they're a great way to learn. Dynamic seminars are based on three key factors:

seminar med hr
  • Reading the relevant texts – in this case the works of great thinkers who have pondered deeply the question of what makes for happiness and a truly good life
  • Taking time to think hard about the content of the material you've read
  • Coming to the seminar table ready to engage in 

     spirited discussion

The seminar works if you dive deeply into the powerful readings you encounter, think about them long and hard, and come to the seminar table prepared to engage in vibrant conversations. The questions we discuss are living questions, just as relevant today – and in your own life – as they were in ages past. 

The point is not to come to the seminar sessions with the right answers. The point is to come to the table with a deep understanding of the questions themselves and why they have enduring importance. Of course, you certainly will frame provisional answers to critical life questions and you'll bring those answers to the seminar table and share them with your fellow students. They'll do the same and that will lead to some of the most stimulating conversations you've ever had!

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